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Off the Posting Wagon

30 May

…but not off the healthy eating and working out wagon.

I didn’t post for a bit because as they say with life, when it rains, it pours. A lot of challenges have faced me in the past few weeks, but I am happy to report absent two minor binges I have been really healthy. I have gotten more buy in from my boyfriend, and that has made eating healthier even easier. He is more focused on buying and making produce related meals, he never reaches for the full fat cheese anymore, and he even switched to a healthier yogurt so we are eating the same yogurt. I know this may not sound major, but he is an extremely picky eater to begin with!

I also thought more about what can trigger binge eating and when to be more mindful of it. I bought an item from Trader Joe’s this week that I was convinced I could ration out over a period of time to eat with cherry tomatoes and celery: caramelized onion dip. I should have known better. I love caramelized onions – they are probably one of my favorite all time foods, but they are oily/buttery (depending on method) and salty and slightly sugary. They are an item my boyfriend hates, so I would have no outside accountability if I was eating too much of it. I could throw away the evidence and that was the last of it.

This no sharing with the boyfriend is unfortunately related to many items I have binged on in the last 6 months. This isn’t to say I should limit my foods to what he enjoys, but maybe more “rewarding” foods he should eat as well. We bought Sunflower butter at Trader Joe’s this week and I can only describe the taste of it as heavenly. I needed a protein source for breakfast and peanut butter was getting boring. Boyfriend adores it as well, but we have both been keeping each other in check. We only eat it before lunch, which makes it much easier.

The unrepentant summer heat has arrived here in D.C. I ran yesterday mid-morning while it was cloudy, but today I had a morning event and thus did not have time to get my Couch 2 5K training for the day in (I’m on Week 2, Day 3 already!). We decided to run to our pool instead, and for the hour plus in there, I did not let my feet touch the cement, hanging out in the deep end. It may not be lap runs (our pool is wayyyyy too small for anything resembling laps) but it was still exercise and an escape from the heat. Tomorrow I’ll conquer Couch 2 5K Week 2, Day 3. I’m already impressed with my progress – I could not run at all before I started, and my endurance has been showing. My issue has been pacing myself appropriately so my last run isn’t as slow as a walking pace. But I’ll get there!

Goals for the week:
Drink more water (just got a Camelbak sport bottle, so that will be easier!)
Run/walk before or after work at least half of the work days (only 2, so doable!)
Alternative cardio/strength workouts on non-running days (a new TV arrives Wednesday, so I can do videos then!)
Laundry – tackle it! My nemesis.
Post at least once daily to be mindful of my eating and exercise.

Will have exciting fizzy water related news later in the week!


Buying in

17 May

Now that my first #7daychip has been earned, I knew it would only get more challenging. After I faced down demons by myself last night, it was time for my boyfriend to return from his trip.

He picked me up at the Metro station on my way home and after the initial rush of excitement, I said ok, let’s go to Trader Joe’s – as we had discussed. He said, I want Chick-fil-a. Chick-fil-a is probably the one fast food place that I do not think I could walk into without absolutely having to order something. Just the scent of the restaurant is intoxicating. I expressed some hesitation, which surprised my boyfriend because normally I would be all about it – and I would value size it. But for right now, Chick-fil-a and I are not going to meet.


We did go to Trader Joe’s, and on the drive over I was honest about my healthiness journey and I wanted his support, which he immediately gave. He wanted to opt in to making healthier choices too! He will not be going quite as hardcore as I already am, but I didn’t expect it. He really does not need to lose weight – that boy’s metabolism is insane.

I’m sure I’ll be mentioning some purchases as I go along, but I made sure to stock up on edamame – my go to chip/cracker replacement, as I am a intense salty snack craver. For some reason the extra effort needed to eat them is incredibly satisfying to me!

And of COURSE I stocked up on Trader Joe’s Raspberry Lime Sparkling Water – hands down the best fizzy water for the best price around!

We got home and he made 96% lean ground beef taco seasoned meat, and I heated up fat free refried beans to fill our new habanero lime tortillas. I had one tortilla filled with beans, spinach, onion, newly purchased fire roasted tomato salsa, and a sprinkling of beef. Boyfriend had 2 tortillas with mostly beef, cheddar cheese, salsa, crunched up tortilla chips and a sprinkling of spinach. He pulled out the tortilla chips to snack on and I was so happy with myself. I waited until I had eaten my burrito, and then I only had 1 chip! I never would have stopped there before. We can make this work.

Staying positive is half the battle!

Do you have to make compromises for eating with others? Any tips for meals that can work for both types of eaters (especially when one is a meat lover!)?

And a special shoutout to Skinny Emmie for answering my swimwear question!

Anti-Lazy Sunday

15 May

After staying up a bit later than I anticipated last night to watch Saturday Night Live (I fell asleep during Paul Simon’s first performance!) I slept in this morning until just about 10 a.m. My body felt totally rejuvenated and the soreness I felt yesterday was completely gone. It was overcast yet again.

I went out and started going for it. I ran almost half a mile straight! I was feeling fantastic, and the endorphins were hitting my body. I slowed and ran again a short period. I decided to go down a different path this time, a bit more friendly than the tiny sidewalks I did yesterday.

Made it all the way to a grocery store that the boyfriend and I always drive to, when I decided to turn around. The sun had started coming out leaving my body starting to overheat. I had been treated well by the overcast skies the past few days.

The warmth started affecting my speed and stamina. I knew I had to overcome it in my mind and commit to continuing strong. I did a few intermittent runs, but I felt my legs were getting heavy and I almost felt like I couldn’t keep up a good pace. I was slowing down, but I told myself that was ok. It was hot and I had gone over 2 miles at this point. I tried to do another short run, but I couldn’t make my visual goal. I just focused on putting one foot in front of the other.

When I got close to my building, I felt another rush, especially when I saw I was close to three miles. I picked up my pace and went past my building until my phone told me I had gone three miles, then I turned around and made it close to my building before slowing down and stretching, then heading up to my apartment.

I grabbed the half banana left, sliced it into a bowl with a half cup Kashi Go Lean and Great Grains Cranberry Almond Crunch, and threw in a splash of milk. Now my stomach feels full and I am bulking up on water to hold off other cravings.

Have an exciting Game 7 to watch in a bit – want my Thunder to win! Will have to battle the demons of stress-eating. Planning on opening up a raspberry lime seltzer as my exciting treat, and making one potato’s worth of baked fries. I can control my eating!

Run/walk stats:

3.13 miles, 50:57 – 16:17 avg. mile

Plans, plans, plans

14 May

This afternoon I went to the grocery store. Wow, was that ever a test of my willpower. It would have been so easy to grab something unhealthy to eat. I made a list before I went, but I allowed flexibility in both checking out another cereal to buy and in picking out salad/sandwich toppings.

I grabbed baby bella mushrooms on sale, having to pass by some amazing looking blue cheese dressing. Instead, I bought some balsamic vinaigrette – that was on the list!

The cereal aisle didn’t seem like it would pose problems, but it was also the cracker aisle. Mmmm. Savory crackers like cheezits and wheat thins I could put away like nobody’s business, without even thinking about it. But all I did was grab a whole grain Cranberry Almond Crunch cereal and keep on walking.

Once I trucked home with my heavy heavy bags, mostly thanks to re-stocking on fizzy water, I put it all away and got to making dinner. I got a side workout – walking to and from the store and dragging almost 20 pounds of delicious and healthy food with me! I made these amazing stuffed shells with turkey meat sauce. With that, I made some steamfresh brussel sprouts.

Making an entire casserole full of stuffed shells had overeating written all over it. Instead, I portioned out my three shells and used the new entree plastic containers from the grocery store to portion out 10 additional meals! Two I threw in the fridge, to be eaten tomorrow and Monday. The other 8 I tossed in the freezer, to be eaten later. The meal was incredible and I’m so glad that I made it and kept my control while doing so. Now I have the main course for nearly two weeks of work lunches! The investment I made at the store today will pay off in spades.

Now I’m looking for more main dishes like this. I am thinking I’ll make one every weekend to make sure I can stay in control when things get out of hand and I don’t want to worry about what to have for lunch.

I am sore from my workout and full from my dinner. Now time to enjoy some television and fizzy water (raspberry lime flavor) and avoid the kitchen and all the yummy purchases until tomorrow. Still holding strong on not eating late at night!

What’s in a name?

9 May

For my inaugural post, I figured Mother’s Day was an appropriate day. My mother has recently been making major changes in her life, despite personal physical challenges that would inhibit even the toughest people I know. My little brother is getting married next year, and his wedding has spurred my family to take a look at living a healthier lifestyle. My mom has been walking over 7 miles every day, eating healthier, drinking water. She’s incredibly impressive once she gets her mind on something.

I, however, am slower to commit to making major personal life changes. I will stick to something for a month, maybe two, before I relapse back into the comfortable way of doing things, my habits and routines a warm blanket around my life.

I tested myself, and acing my test was the inspiration for this blog’s title, My Fizzy Water. My fizzy water is the seltzer water I drink every day, while at work, sometimes a bit at home. I love the bubbles! It wasn’t too long ago – 4 months ago – that I never drank seltzer. If you had asked me if I like Perrier, I’d crumple my nose in disgust. I was drinking diet sodas – Diet Mountain Dew, Coke Zero, Diet Ginger Ale, and on and on, like they were going out of style. I never drank enough water, and often found myself dehydrated. If a day went by where I forgot to drink my pop (midwestern girl here) I’d suffer from a massive headache, a midafternoon crash I’d have difficulty recovering from.

One day, I decided to go cold turkey. No more diet pop. Not only was it an expensive habit, the thought of how my body reacted to the caffeine dependency frightened me. When I took a look at the list of ingredients on a can, I also wondered how all the chemicals affected me.

When I stopped, my body suffered. My headaches were brutal, lasting over a week. My body was crying for an influx of the artificially sweet nectar.  I resisted. Instead, I tried a seltzer water. My life was changed! It was just the right amount of sweet to satisfy me, and the fizziness tingled my lips and made my mouth happy.

I noticed other changes too. I actually had MORE energy than I ever did before. I didn’t get headaches like I used to. My stomach even felt more settled after breakfast and lunch.

Do I ever feel the pull of a refreshing Diet Coke now? I do. And I allow myself to slip up every two weeks or so. It doesn’t taste like it did before. There’s a bitterness to it, a rougher aftertaste. I don’t have one and immediately want more. Instead, I’ll take my fizzy water.

My goal is to apply this attitude to other segments of my life. I know I could be healthier. I know that I can make changes now.

I broke my foot this spring, and this week I am cleared for full physical activity for the first time since February. I’ll be using this blog to chronicle my journey as I attempt running (well, jogging for now…) and other new exercises with a goal towards personal improvement.

Join me as I drink my daily fizzy water and become a healthier version of myself.