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Off the Posting Wagon

30 May

…but not off the healthy eating and working out wagon.

I didn’t post for a bit because as they say with life, when it rains, it pours. A lot of challenges have faced me in the past few weeks, but I am happy to report absent two minor binges I have been really healthy. I have gotten more buy in from my boyfriend, and that has made eating healthier even easier. He is more focused on buying and making produce related meals, he never reaches for the full fat cheese anymore, and he even switched to a healthier yogurt so we are eating the same yogurt. I know this may not sound major, but he is an extremely picky eater to begin with!

I also thought more about what can trigger binge eating and when to be more mindful of it. I bought an item from Trader Joe’s this week that I was convinced I could ration out over a period of time to eat with cherry tomatoes and celery: caramelized onion dip. I should have known better. I love caramelized onions – they are probably one of my favorite all time foods, but they are oily/buttery (depending on method) and salty and slightly sugary. They are an item my boyfriend hates, so I would have no outside accountability if I was eating too much of it. I could throw away the evidence and that was the last of it.

This no sharing with the boyfriend is unfortunately related to many items I have binged on in the last 6 months. This isn’t to say I should limit my foods to what he enjoys, but maybe more “rewarding” foods he should eat as well. We bought Sunflower butter at Trader Joe’s this week and I can only describe the taste of it as heavenly. I needed a protein source for breakfast and peanut butter was getting boring. Boyfriend adores it as well, but we have both been keeping each other in check. We only eat it before lunch, which makes it much easier.

The unrepentant summer heat has arrived here in D.C. I ran yesterday mid-morning while it was cloudy, but today I had a morning event and thus did not have time to get my Couch 2 5K training for the day in (I’m on Week 2, Day 3 already!). We decided to run to our pool instead, and for the hour plus in there, I did not let my feet touch the cement, hanging out in the deep end. It may not be lap runs (our pool is wayyyyy too small for anything resembling laps) but it was still exercise and an escape from the heat. Tomorrow I’ll conquer Couch 2 5K Week 2, Day 3. I’m already impressed with my progress – I could not run at all before I started, and my endurance has been showing. My issue has been pacing myself appropriately so my last run isn’t as slow as a walking pace. But I’ll get there!

Goals for the week:
Drink more water (just got a Camelbak sport bottle, so that will be easier!)
Run/walk before or after work at least half of the work days (only 2, so doable!)
Alternative cardio/strength workouts on non-running days (a new TV arrives Wednesday, so I can do videos then!)
Laundry – tackle it! My nemesis.
Post at least once daily to be mindful of my eating and exercise.

Will have exciting fizzy water related news later in the week!


Anti-Lazy Sunday

15 May

After staying up a bit later than I anticipated last night to watch Saturday Night Live (I fell asleep during Paul Simon’s first performance!) I slept in this morning until just about 10 a.m. My body felt totally rejuvenated and the soreness I felt yesterday was completely gone. It was overcast yet again.

I went out and started going for it. I ran almost half a mile straight! I was feeling fantastic, and the endorphins were hitting my body. I slowed and ran again a short period. I decided to go down a different path this time, a bit more friendly than the tiny sidewalks I did yesterday.

Made it all the way to a grocery store that the boyfriend and I always drive to, when I decided to turn around. The sun had started coming out leaving my body starting to overheat. I had been treated well by the overcast skies the past few days.

The warmth started affecting my speed and stamina. I knew I had to overcome it in my mind and commit to continuing strong. I did a few intermittent runs, but I felt my legs were getting heavy and I almost felt like I couldn’t keep up a good pace. I was slowing down, but I told myself that was ok. It was hot and I had gone over 2 miles at this point. I tried to do another short run, but I couldn’t make my visual goal. I just focused on putting one foot in front of the other.

When I got close to my building, I felt another rush, especially when I saw I was close to three miles. I picked up my pace and went past my building until my phone told me I had gone three miles, then I turned around and made it close to my building before slowing down and stretching, then heading up to my apartment.

I grabbed the half banana left, sliced it into a bowl with a half cup Kashi Go Lean and Great Grains Cranberry Almond Crunch, and threw in a splash of milk. Now my stomach feels full and I am bulking up on water to hold off other cravings.

Have an exciting Game 7 to watch in a bit – want my Thunder to win! Will have to battle the demons of stress-eating. Planning on opening up a raspberry lime seltzer as my exciting treat, and making one potato’s worth of baked fries. I can control my eating!

Run/walk stats:

3.13 miles, 50:57 – 16:17 avg. mile

Rain, rain you can stay

14 May

This morning I woke up early, a consequence of my early work wakeup times. I stayed in bed a bit, woke up and remained pretty lazy. I drank some water and remained sitting on my couch. It’s easy to take on the attitude of the outside weather when you are still a bit tired.

Instead of keeping down, I got up. After all, the cloudiness outside means that the temperature is low, meaning I wouldn’t get too hot while exercising. I went out and I started running slowly after a warm up, and I hung on much longer than I thought I would – .3 miles. I took a short break and ran again, around .2 miles. Then I was pretty tired and facing a hill as I went further than I have before.

I kept up a good walking pace as I hit the very busy street that was my turnaround goal. Happy and feeling the endorphins, I turned around and went back up the downhill I had just enjoyed, feeling my legs burn. I took a break to stretch, feeling the tensing.

I again started jogging, barely keeping it up before stopping. Instead of being upset with myself, I took it as a cue from my body to listen, since I am still trying to build up my stamina and I didn’t want to burn out. I did another short jog, and walked the rest of the way home.

Sadly, the GPS refused to locate me until I had already turned around, when I was a bit slower. I decided to use the Almighty Google and map my walk/run when I got home.

Results? 3.2 miles in just about 55 minutes. A 5k without realizing it!

I got home, parched, and down 32 oz of water while making a few egg whites that I topped with salsa. I also pulled a banana out of the freezer and ate it with Kashi and a teaspoon of TJ’s peanut butter.

My stomach is satisfied, now I’m overdue for a shower. We have this weather for the next few days, and I’m liking it! I stay cool while pushing myself further than I have in a while.

When It Rains, It…

13 May

Walks and Runs!

I was dragging this morning so much. I looked at my alarm and thought to myself: i can sleep 45 more minutes if I just lay my head back down. That would have been the easy choice. But I rejected that thought and pulled myself up out of bed, got ready to head outside. Then I noticed that the sun wasn’t pouring into my living room like usual. I peeked through the blinds and saw a grey sky, but when I looked at the pavement, it was wet but no current droplets were falling.

Thinking the rain had come to an end, I headed out. I saw so many people on the trail I go on this morning, and they were all so friendly. A car honked at me to tell me “Go Thunder!” because I’m wearing a tshirt that supports my NBA team, who plays tonight! The honking really had me afraid, because I am always so self-conscious about exercising where other people can see me . Luckily my negative thoughts were dashed away  by a wonderfully positive experience.

I was dragging a bit and not wanting to disappoint myself. At one point I said, now it’s time to try and run. I jogged for a bit, and I picked a landmark to stop running. Then I picked a further one. Then a further one. Finally, I had to give in to my body and start walking again.

After I turned around at the mile marker – I didn’t have enough time this morning to do more than 2 – again the negativity started creeping in. I told myself that I wasn’t good enough, even though I could feel the burn in my legs and arms. I banished these thoughts by taking a small jog again, giving in very quickly.

Finally I could see my apartment building again in the distance. The rain started coming down fairly quickly, large pellets coating my face in a similar way to sweat – I had to realize I wasn’t sweating! I laughed at the fact I was getting soaked, but was almost grateful for the cooldown all over my body.

Now, I am back in my rain-free apartment, enjoying a banana in Kashi Go Lean with a splash of skim milk.

Time to go to work, TGIF!

Best Intentions

11 May

I had planned on getting up early this morning to do a workout before going into the office – just a workout video, a little something to get me moving.

When my alarm went off, my head was pounding. I couldn’t believe it was already time for me to wake up! I laid in bed in denial, until 5 minutes later my snooze reminded me of my reality. That’s when I should have jumped out of bed and gotten ready to sweat. Instead, I continued to lay down and check my email, twitter on my phone. Fifteen minutes pass and there goes the time for a workout!

I need to make working out a priority in my life. There will always be excuses. There will always be a little more sleep I could have gotten. Working out leads to valuable results, and I won’t forget that.

Accountability on here will help me see my negative patterns. I went to bed early enough to do this, and I made an error. I can still eat well and redeem myself later today.

Anyone else have to battle the morning blues to get in the habit of working out?

Distracting Yourself

10 May

What a fabulous day! Today I had a major victory at work, and it was so intensely satisfying. The culmination of months of hard work is a feeling you can’t get anywhere else. The weather was gorgeous. I ate well and healthfully.

Came home and the boyfriend went off to play soccer. I decided it was time to get outside. Panic ensued as I spent forever searching for the sports bra I wanted to wear for power walking. 30 minutes later, success! I quickly dressed for outside.

As I got started, I realized with my rather new Android Smartphone I could track the distance and the speed at which I walked.  I walked the scenic route I wanted to earlier today. I was passed by several very experienced runners, and I watched people blow by me the other direction. That’s where the workout became a mental battle, not to feel ashamed that I wasn’t running. I power walked a mile, to a good stopping point. I stretched for about 15 seconds, feeling a tightness in my calves.

I turned around to head back, as the sun was starting to go down. Then I saw an older man, not too much further ahead of me, running at a rather slow pace. I looked at him and was so inspired by him; he had to be in his 70s and he could still do this! I told myself I could try. So I did! I picked up my feet fully and was running! I was running at probably the same or a slower pace than I walked, but I was doing it. My heart swelled.

I picked out a landmark in my mind and told myself run until THAT point. I just barely could not make it, breaking my run a few steps ahead. Instead of letting it get me down, I looked at my mileage – I had run .2 miles! After that, I still kept up fairly close to the old man. I decided to go for it again, and I ran a shorter distance this time, but I did it.

After running two short stints I became much slower at the end of my walk, and my apartment building beckoned on the skyline. Bright red as I am wont to do after exercising, I walked in to the lobby and greeted our concierge like normal. As soon as I hopped into the elevator, I checked my app.

Here were my pure stats:

31:38, 2 miles – a pace of just under 16 minutes per mile!

This was a baby step, but I’m still happy. Maybe it’s just the endorphins talking.

I rushed home to make dinner, and it was a labor intensive one tonight – no time to relax right after the workout! I made parmesan risotto from Stephanie Cooks, which was incredibly rich even though I halved the cheese. The leftovers will be fantastic for lunch, too! I didn’t eat dinner until around 9:05 p.m., but I’m not considering that a late night eat since it was more due to my workout.

Now I am back on my couch, typing away, TV on. This is when temptation strikes me. I need good distraction techniques! Obviously, a major one is to blog away instead. Here are a few other things I’ve thought up to keep myself from reaching into the kitchen for a snack while I watch TV:

  • Painting nails
  • Read a book (both hands busy)
  • Always have a glass of water (with straw – more fun!)
  • Take a shower
  • Listen to music and get up and move to it
  • Stretch my achy muscles
Any other good suggestions to distract my wandering mind from a desire to snack?
I want to keep today the fantastic day it was!


10 May

So this morning I ate a hearty breakfast and made it to work, enjoying the brisk weather on my journey.

I get to my desk, faced with an assignment that is far from exciting, and my stomach starts grumbling at me. Here is where I will have the most issues: is my stomach actually hungry or is it due to boredom? It is much more exciting to me, and has been in the past, to sit and snack as I work. Does it make me more effective at my work? No, of course not. In fact, it’s both a distraction and leads me to need to clean off my keyboard more often.

I always assumed that being at work was “safe.” At work, I don’t have a large fridge and freezer and cabinets full of food beckoning to me. In fact, the office is constantly inundated with food. Try this I made! Here are the leftovers from this presentation! As a person trying to eat right, the conditions are far from ideal.

In that same vein, I don’t want to feel pressured to reveal to my colleagues right away that I am trying to make healthy changes in my life. It feels so personal as I take the first few steps. I’m afraid of failure. My grumbling stomach reminds me how easy it would be to give in.

Today I will not give in. This blog for now is my outlet to give myself support through the hunger pangs that are not actual hunger pangs, but my body expecting the poor treatment I have given it in the past.

Tonight, I will do something physical outside. It’s 72 degrees and simply heavenly outside. I stayed true to my other commitments by eating a banana this morning and avoiding food late last night, so I’m on a roll!