Off the Posting Wagon

30 May

…but not off the healthy eating and working out wagon.

I didn’t post for a bit because as they say with life, when it rains, it pours. A lot of challenges have faced me in the past few weeks, but I am happy to report absent two minor binges I have been really healthy. I have gotten more buy in from my boyfriend, and that has made eating healthier even easier. He is more focused on buying and making produce related meals, he never reaches for the full fat cheese anymore, and he even switched to a healthier yogurt so we are eating the same yogurt. I know this may not sound major, but he is an extremely picky eater to begin with!

I also thought more about what can trigger binge eating and when to be more mindful of it. I bought an item from Trader Joe’s this week that I was convinced I could ration out over a period of time to eat with cherry tomatoes and celery: caramelized onion dip. I should have known better. I love caramelized onions – they are probably one of my favorite all time foods, but they are oily/buttery (depending on method) and salty and slightly sugary. They are an item my boyfriend hates, so I would have no outside accountability if I was eating too much of it. I could throw away the evidence and that was the last of it.

This no sharing with the boyfriend is unfortunately related to many items I have binged on in the last 6 months. This isn’t to say I should limit my foods to what he enjoys, but maybe more “rewarding” foods he should eat as well. We bought Sunflower butter at Trader Joe’s this week and I can only describe the taste of it as heavenly. I needed a protein source for breakfast and peanut butter was getting boring. Boyfriend adores it as well, but we have both been keeping each other in check. We only eat it before lunch, which makes it much easier.

The unrepentant summer heat has arrived here in D.C. I ran yesterday mid-morning while it was cloudy, but today I had a morning event and thus did not have time to get my Couch 2 5K training for the day in (I’m on Week 2, Day 3 already!). We decided to run to our pool instead, and for the hour plus in there, I did not let my feet touch the cement, hanging out in the deep end. It may not be lap runs (our pool is wayyyyy too small for anything resembling laps) but it was still exercise and an escape from the heat. Tomorrow I’ll conquer Couch 2 5K Week 2, Day 3. I’m already impressed with my progress – I could not run at all before I started, and my endurance has been showing. My issue has been pacing myself appropriately so my last run isn’t as slow as a walking pace. But I’ll get there!

Goals for the week:
Drink more water (just got a Camelbak sport bottle, so that will be easier!)
Run/walk before or after work at least half of the work days (only 2, so doable!)
Alternative cardio/strength workouts on non-running days (a new TV arrives Wednesday, so I can do videos then!)
Laundry – tackle it! My nemesis.
Post at least once daily to be mindful of my eating and exercise.

Will have exciting fizzy water related news later in the week!


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