Other side of the coin

19 May

As I wrote about very recently, I got some bad news from someone I love this week. However, not all weeks can be entirely bad. Yesterday I got huge and fantastic news related to my work – suffice to say a raise is involved (still a non-profit attorney – not rolling in the dough!). I immediately called to share with the ones I love.  I did a little happy dance in the stairwell of my office building. I wanted to cry because relief was washing over me. It was the full gamut of emotions. Most proudly, I didn’t suddenly jump to celebrating with food.

Yesterday I ate very well until the evening. Breakfast I had a sandwich thin with peanut butter, mashed banana, and a thin layer of Trader Joe’s new amazing honey apple butter. I had a snack of a few roasted chickpeas, and then for lunch I had leftover spinach stuffed shells with meat sauce and a half serving of edamame. Another banana in the afternoon, and before I knew it it was time to go home.

On the phone on the way home, my mom said I should celebrate, go out to dinner somewhere nice. I hesitated, thinking of my new journey and wanting to be careful about how much I was eating. I told my mom I would have to check in with my boyfriend. When I met up with him, finally, before the metro ride home, I realized how late it was already. This meant that the time for me to run outside would almost be up before I got home, because I also had to make something for a staff breakfast potluck meeting in the morning.  Instead of beating myself up about my timing – because honestly, with my supervisor out, I had been trying to balance two jobs and supervising an intern myself this week, working long hours – I decided to take control of what I could at the moment.

Dinner was leftovers from last night, so again I had a yummy habanero lime tortilla with fat free refried beans, overflowing with other veggies and salsa. I think I could eat that almost every day!

This is when temptation came in. I really wanted something sweet, so I was going to have a square of a chocolate bar. Then the chocolate that I wanted a square of was gone – so I was tempted by the Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer. I still managed to resist when my boyfriend brought up a glass of wine. It was a crisp, semi-dry white with just a hint of sweetness, and it so hit the spot. I had three water crackers with a tiny bit of Trader Joe’s light brie with it, controlling my portion but still getting something I love with wine.

So, my celebration meant breaking my no bad eating/drinking after dinner. I am happy though with my otherwise very controlled eating.

Tests begin again this morning at the potluck! I have Kath’s Baked Oatmeal Snack Bars smelling like heaven in the oven right now, and that’s what I plan to eat, along with a fruit salad that another co-worker is bringing. I’ll be avoiding the wafflemaker, the doughnuts, the breakfast potatoes…the list goes on. By bringing something that I doubt my other co-workers will really eat, I can still ensure that I am eating healthy! Maybe some of them are on journeys of their own and may appreciate my contribution, too.

The oven beeps! And I must go on to another day of healthy eating.


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