Anti-Lazy Sunday

15 May

After staying up a bit later than I anticipated last night to watch Saturday Night Live (I fell asleep during Paul Simon’s first performance!) I slept in this morning until just about 10 a.m. My body felt totally rejuvenated and the soreness I felt yesterday was completely gone. It was overcast yet again.

I went out and started going for it. I ran almost half a mile straight! I was feeling fantastic, and the endorphins were hitting my body. I slowed and ran again a short period. I decided to go down a different path this time, a bit more friendly than the tiny sidewalks I did yesterday.

Made it all the way to a grocery store that the boyfriend and I always drive to, when I decided to turn around. The sun had started coming out leaving my body starting to overheat. I had been treated well by the overcast skies the past few days.

The warmth started affecting my speed and stamina. I knew I had to overcome it in my mind and commit to continuing strong. I did a few intermittent runs, but I felt my legs were getting heavy and I almost felt like I couldn’t keep up a good pace. I was slowing down, but I told myself that was ok. It was hot and I had gone over 2 miles at this point. I tried to do another short run, but I couldn’t make my visual goal. I just focused on putting one foot in front of the other.

When I got close to my building, I felt another rush, especially when I saw I was close to three miles. I picked up my pace and went past my building until my phone told me I had gone three miles, then I turned around and made it close to my building before slowing down and stretching, then heading up to my apartment.

I grabbed the half banana left, sliced it into a bowl with a half cup Kashi Go Lean and Great Grains Cranberry Almond Crunch, and threw in a splash of milk. Now my stomach feels full and I am bulking up on water to hold off other cravings.

Have an exciting Game 7 to watch in a bit – want my Thunder to win! Will have to battle the demons of stress-eating. Planning on opening up a raspberry lime seltzer as my exciting treat, and making one potato’s worth of baked fries. I can control my eating!

Run/walk stats:

3.13 miles, 50:57 – 16:17 avg. mile


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