Rain, rain you can stay

14 May

This morning I woke up early, a consequence of my early work wakeup times. I stayed in bed a bit, woke up and remained pretty lazy. I drank some water and remained sitting on my couch. It’s easy to take on the attitude of the outside weather when you are still a bit tired.

Instead of keeping down, I got up. After all, the cloudiness outside means that the temperature is low, meaning I wouldn’t get too hot while exercising. I went out and I started running slowly after a warm up, and I hung on much longer than I thought I would – .3 miles. I took a short break and ran again, around .2 miles. Then I was pretty tired and facing a hill as I went further than I have before.

I kept up a good walking pace as I hit the very busy street that was my turnaround goal. Happy and feeling the endorphins, I turned around and went back up the downhill I had just enjoyed, feeling my legs burn. I took a break to stretch, feeling the tensing.

I again started jogging, barely keeping it up before stopping. Instead of being upset with myself, I took it as a cue from my body to listen, since I am still trying to build up my stamina and I didn’t want to burn out. I did another short jog, and walked the rest of the way home.

Sadly, the GPS refused to locate me until I had already turned around, when I was a bit slower. I decided to use the Almighty Google and map my walk/run when I got home.

Results? 3.2 miles in just about 55 minutes. A 5k without realizing it!

I got home, parched, and down 32 oz of water while making a few egg whites that I topped with salsa. I also pulled a banana out of the freezer and ate it with Kashi and a teaspoon of TJ’s peanut butter.

My stomach is satisfied, now I’m overdue for a shower. We have this weather for the next few days, and I’m liking it! I stay cool while pushing myself further than I have in a while.


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