Plans, plans, plans

14 May

This afternoon I went to the grocery store. Wow, was that ever a test of my willpower. It would have been so easy to grab something unhealthy to eat. I made a list before I went, but I allowed flexibility in both checking out another cereal to buy and in picking out salad/sandwich toppings.

I grabbed baby bella mushrooms on sale, having to pass by some amazing looking blue cheese dressing. Instead, I bought some balsamic vinaigrette – that was on the list!

The cereal aisle didn’t seem like it would pose problems, but it was also the cracker aisle. Mmmm. Savory crackers like cheezits and wheat thins I could put away like nobody’s business, without even thinking about it. But all I did was grab a whole grain Cranberry Almond Crunch cereal and keep on walking.

Once I trucked home with my heavy heavy bags, mostly thanks to re-stocking on fizzy water, I put it all away and got to making dinner. I got a side workout – walking to and from the store and dragging almost 20 pounds of delicious and healthy food with me! I made these amazing stuffed shells with turkey meat sauce. With that, I made some steamfresh brussel sprouts.

Making an entire casserole full of stuffed shells had overeating written all over it. Instead, I portioned out my three shells and used the new entree plastic containers from the grocery store to portion out 10 additional meals! Two I threw in the fridge, to be eaten tomorrow and Monday. The other 8 I tossed in the freezer, to be eaten later. The meal was incredible and I’m so glad that I made it and kept my control while doing so. Now I have the main course for nearly two weeks of work lunches! The investment I made at the store today will pay off in spades.

Now I’m looking for more main dishes like this. I am thinking I’ll make one every weekend to make sure I can stay in control when things get out of hand and I don’t want to worry about what to have for lunch.

I am sore from my workout and full from my dinner. Now time to enjoy some television and fizzy water (raspberry lime flavor) and avoid the kitchen and all the yummy purchases until tomorrow. Still holding strong on not eating late at night!


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