Workplace Pitfalls

13 May

Well, I didn’t do terribly today. All things considered, I did really well. Here’s the story for today:

Lunch was a going away party for our intern, who I adore and will miss terribly. We went to this fantastic Mexican place in D.C. not too far from our offices. The smells! Oh! I wanted to inhale all the food I saw.

Half of my office got there early. Big bowls of chips and salsa were plunked down in front of us. My stomach was hungry from the morning – I need to include more protein in my breakfasts, especially when I am working out early morning.  I resisted. I kept resisting. I did not have ONE TORTILLA chip! Normally I could plow through almost an entire bowl by myself!

When it came time to order, my boss decided we could have margaritas! I am definitely a social drinker, though I don’t tend to overdo it. We got a pitcher but split it between 6 of us, so it was only a half margarita. Yeah, that’s a rationalization I know, but I could have had a refill and I turned it down. I kept thinking in my mind that I didn’t NEED more.

Then we went out to a happy hour with some former members of our team. I went for a vodka soda, because I knew it was a low calorie choice. I got another one, because we were there for hours! Then our waiter adored us and brought us a free round of drinks – I couldn’t say no to that, though I was going to stop at 2. That means around 250ish calories, total. Definitely not that bad – especially compared to others I could have made.

The real champion move at happy hour (and dinner for some) was that I didn’t eat anything! I tried one sweet potato fry. It was delicious, but I knew it was not worth it to me and it wouldn’t fill me up like the dinner I had waiting at home.

My commute over, my dinner now enjoyed, I can look back and say my only regret was that half-margarita. Goodbye lunches are not common at my office, so I know that I won’t be in that position again soon. As long as I keep my eating in check, I can keep myself on track. I know that it’s unreasonable never to be put in these situations, and I can’t fear them. I must make the most of them!


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