When It Rains, It…

13 May

Walks and Runs!

I was dragging this morning so much. I looked at my alarm and thought to myself: i can sleep 45 more minutes if I just lay my head back down. That would have been the easy choice. But I rejected that thought and pulled myself up out of bed, got ready to head outside. Then I noticed that the sun wasn’t pouring into my living room like usual. I peeked through the blinds and saw a grey sky, but when I looked at the pavement, it was wet but no current droplets were falling.

Thinking the rain had come to an end, I headed out. I saw so many people on the trail I go on this morning, and they were all so friendly. A car honked at me to tell me “Go Thunder!” because I’m wearing a tshirt that supports my NBA team, who plays tonight! The honking really had me afraid, because I am always so self-conscious about exercising where other people can see me . Luckily my negative thoughts were dashed away  by a wonderfully positive experience.

I was dragging a bit and not wanting to disappoint myself. At one point I said, now it’s time to try and run. I jogged for a bit, and I picked a landmark to stop running. Then I picked a further one. Then a further one. Finally, I had to give in to my body and start walking again.

After I turned around at the mile marker – I didn’t have enough time this morning to do more than 2 – again the negativity started creeping in. I told myself that I wasn’t good enough, even though I could feel the burn in my legs and arms. I banished these thoughts by taking a small jog again, giving in very quickly.

Finally I could see my apartment building again in the distance. The rain started coming down fairly quickly, large pellets coating my face in a similar way to sweat – I had to realize I wasn’t sweating! I laughed at the fact I was getting soaked, but was almost grateful for the cooldown all over my body.

Now, I am back in my rain-free apartment, enjoying a banana in Kashi Go Lean with a splash of skim milk.

Time to go to work, TGIF!


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