The Benefits of Planning

12 May

My job, as I’ve said, requires many different meetings. Sometimes it also requires lunches, whether it’s just a face to face introduction of new contacts, or a venue to discuss a project. A working lunch is a great excuse to leave the office and get a new perspective.

Working lunches now hold a bit of trepidation for me. There are so many easy ways to slip up in making good decisions.

The first key is restaurant choice. When I realized I would be having a lunch meeting today, I asked to pick the restaurant. Having control over that decision is important in allowing the rest to fall into place.

Thinking through restaurants in the vicinity of my and my colleague’s office, my mind immediately went to one place where I know I had seen calorie counts posted. In D.C., you are not required to do this everywhere like in other cities.

Au Bon Pain!

When I went to peruse their website, I was even happier with my decision. Au Bon Pain has a page devoted to helping you make the right decisions for your diet, the Smart Menu. On that page you can make your selections, add them all up and even print out what you want, to make sure that your order is exactly what you envision when you are at the restaurant.

I know other restaurants have menu pages devoted to healthy choices, and make calorie counts visible, but Au Bon Pain’s website really helps me feel in control.

Feeling in control about my choice for lunch – Mediterranean Chicken Salad with a Raspberry Vinaigrette –  helps me feel confident I can stay on track and control my eating. It also makes me feel more confident about myself!

Are there other restaurants you have found on your journey to be this helpful?


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