All by Myself

11 May

This weekend, my boyfriend is going to visit his family for an event. He leaves tomorrow night and doesn’t get back until Tuesday afternoon. This means I will have a lot of alone time at home.

There are glorious things about being alone at home:

  • Blasting the music that I like and he hates
  • Watching GLEE and singing along
  • When I get up early, taking time to peruse the closet for clothes instead of having to preplan
  • Going to sleep earlier without a night owl bad influence
  • Cooking and eating onion-filled foods
Of course, the downside is pretty intense. I’ve always been more prone to binges when I am by myself. All alone, I can eat half a bag of tortilla chips without someone to ask me when my next meal is. I can grab unhealthy choices like that candy bar and hide away any evidence of its existence. Over time, I’ve learned how to hide evidence of my binges effectively. I’ve blamed them on everything from spilling water on the offending food to it being stale.
Thinking through my binging habits, wondering about it earlier today, I stumbled upon the#7daychip group. I am committing to myself that I can get a 7 day chip, which would mean I make it through the weekend safe and sound, free from the dark desire to binge.
I am planning out weekend activities to get myself out of the apartment and entertained. I am planning outdoor workouts, including a long walk to Costco and back, weighed down with Costco purchases – they always build! Cheap Fage yogurt is impossible to resist.
Have you gotten a 7 day chip? Are there other good anti-binge motivators?

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