This Work Was Made For Walking

10 May

One of the best parts of living in the DC Metro Area is the ease of getting around without a car. Sure, a car is more convenient on our trips to Target or Costco, or for a weekend jaunt to the Outlets/IKEA in Woodbridge, Charlottesville, the beach… Hold on there, got a bit distracted.

So mostly, I walk. Every morning, I walk .6 miles from my apartment to the Metro (downhill, heck yes!) and once I get to my stop, I walk another .6 miles from the Metro to my office building. Yeah, it is not a delightful commute in the rain or the snow, but most mornings it is a good way to wake myself up and get my body moving.

My job involves LOTS of meetings. I work for a non-profit, part of many coalitions, and I have a regular meeting to attend nearly every week. Since we are a non-profit, we don’t have extra cash laying around to take taxis to these meetings. Most of the time, they are conveniently within walking distance. To give an example, one day last week I had one meeting 7 blocks from my office, and one later in the day 8 blocks from the office. The roundtrip walks on those are another way to get in some additional exercise!

Predictably, my commute home involves the same 1.2 mile trek. This means, on an average day, I am walking at least 2.4 miles, and at most up in the 5 mile range.

All of this walking is good for my body. I’ve been lucky in that my eating habits of late have been atrocious and I have not gained much weight.

My goal is to add on to how much I walk every day. When I get home, especially when I am sleep deprived, or my allergies are bad, the last thing I want to do is go back outside. But we have a really neat trail along the front of our apartment complex that goes on for a few miles on flat ground. It’s my goal at least one evening this week to tackle that trail out and back for at least a mile to see how I like the walk and to get more exercise in.

Do you have a walkable area near your place? Also, have you done Couch to 5K? I am considering tackling it again, but would be open to other introductory running alternatives.


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