10 May

So this morning I ate a hearty breakfast and made it to work, enjoying the brisk weather on my journey.

I get to my desk, faced with an assignment that is far from exciting, and my stomach starts grumbling at me. Here is where I will have the most issues: is my stomach actually hungry or is it due to boredom? It is much more exciting to me, and has been in the past, to sit and snack as I work. Does it make me more effective at my work? No, of course not. In fact, it’s both a distraction and leads me to need to clean off my keyboard more often.

I always assumed that being at work was “safe.” At work, I don’t have a large fridge and freezer and cabinets full of food beckoning to me. In fact, the office is constantly inundated with food. Try this I made! Here are the leftovers from this presentation! As a person trying to eat right, the conditions are far from ideal.

In that same vein, I don’t want to feel pressured to reveal to my colleagues right away that I am trying to make healthy changes in my life. It feels so personal as I take the first few steps. I’m afraid of failure. My grumbling stomach reminds me how easy it would be to give in.

Today I will not give in. This blog for now is my outlet to give myself support through the hunger pangs that are not actual hunger pangs, but my body expecting the poor treatment I have given it in the past.

Tonight, I will do something physical outside. It’s 72 degrees and simply heavenly outside. I stayed true to my other commitments by eating a banana this morning and avoiding food late last night, so I’m on a roll!


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