Distracting Yourself

10 May

What a fabulous day! Today I had a major victory at work, and it was so intensely satisfying. The culmination of months of hard work is a feeling you can’t get anywhere else. The weather was gorgeous. I ate well and healthfully.

Came home and the boyfriend went off to play soccer. I decided it was time to get outside. Panic ensued as I spent forever searching for the sports bra I wanted to wear for power walking. 30 minutes later, success! I quickly dressed for outside.

As I got started, I realized with my rather new Android Smartphone I could track the distance and the speed at which I walked.  I walked the scenic route I wanted to earlier today. I was passed by several very experienced runners, and I watched people blow by me the other direction. That’s where the workout became a mental battle, not to feel ashamed that I wasn’t running. I power walked a mile, to a good stopping point. I stretched for about 15 seconds, feeling a tightness in my calves.

I turned around to head back, as the sun was starting to go down. Then I saw an older man, not too much further ahead of me, running at a rather slow pace. I looked at him and was so inspired by him; he had to be in his 70s and he could still do this! I told myself I could try. So I did! I picked up my feet fully and was running! I was running at probably the same or a slower pace than I walked, but I was doing it. My heart swelled.

I picked out a landmark in my mind and told myself run until THAT point. I just barely could not make it, breaking my run a few steps ahead. Instead of letting it get me down, I looked at my mileage – I had run .2 miles! After that, I still kept up fairly close to the old man. I decided to go for it again, and I ran a shorter distance this time, but I did it.

After running two short stints I became much slower at the end of my walk, and my apartment building beckoned on the skyline. Bright red as I am wont to do after exercising, I walked in to the lobby and greeted our concierge like normal. As soon as I hopped into the elevator, I checked my app.

Here were my pure stats:

31:38, 2 miles – a pace of just under 16 minutes per mile!

This was a baby step, but I’m still happy. Maybe it’s just the endorphins talking.

I rushed home to make dinner, and it was a labor intensive one tonight – no time to relax right after the workout! I made parmesan risotto from Stephanie Cooks, which was incredibly rich even though I halved the cheese. The leftovers will be fantastic for lunch, too! I didn’t eat dinner until around 9:05 p.m., but I’m not considering that a late night eat since it was more due to my workout.

Now I am back on my couch, typing away, TV on. This is when temptation strikes me. I need good distraction techniques! Obviously, a major one is to blog away instead. Here are a few other things I’ve thought up to keep myself from reaching into the kitchen for a snack while I watch TV:

  • Painting nails
  • Read a book (both hands busy)
  • Always have a glass of water (with straw – more fun!)
  • Take a shower
  • Listen to music and get up and move to it
  • Stretch my achy muscles
Any other good suggestions to distract my wandering mind from a desire to snack?
I want to keep today the fantastic day it was!

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