What’s in a name?

9 May

For my inaugural post, I figured Mother’s Day was an appropriate day. My mother has recently been making major changes in her life, despite personal physical challenges that would inhibit even the toughest people I know. My little brother is getting married next year, and his wedding has spurred my family to take a look at living a healthier lifestyle. My mom has been walking over 7 miles every day, eating healthier, drinking water. She’s incredibly impressive once she gets her mind on something.

I, however, am slower to commit to making major personal life changes. I will stick to something for a month, maybe two, before I relapse back into the comfortable way of doing things, my habits and routines a warm blanket around my life.

I tested myself, and acing my test was the inspiration for this blog’s title, My Fizzy Water. My fizzy water is the seltzer water I drink every day, while at work, sometimes a bit at home. I love the bubbles! It wasn’t too long ago – 4 months ago – that I never drank seltzer. If you had asked me if I like Perrier, I’d crumple my nose in disgust. I was drinking diet sodas – Diet Mountain Dew, Coke Zero, Diet Ginger Ale, and on and on, like they were going out of style. I never drank enough water, and often found myself dehydrated. If a day went by where I forgot to drink my pop (midwestern girl here) I’d suffer from a massive headache, a midafternoon crash I’d have difficulty recovering from.

One day, I decided to go cold turkey. No more diet pop. Not only was it an expensive habit, the thought of how my body reacted to the caffeine dependency frightened me. When I took a look at the list of ingredients on a can, I also wondered how all the chemicals affected me.

When I stopped, my body suffered. My headaches were brutal, lasting over a week. My body was crying for an influx of the artificially sweet nectar.  I resisted. Instead, I tried a seltzer water. My life was changed! It was just the right amount of sweet to satisfy me, and the fizziness tingled my lips and made my mouth happy.

I noticed other changes too. I actually had MORE energy than I ever did before. I didn’t get headaches like I used to. My stomach even felt more settled after breakfast and lunch.

Do I ever feel the pull of a refreshing Diet Coke now? I do. And I allow myself to slip up every two weeks or so. It doesn’t taste like it did before. There’s a bitterness to it, a rougher aftertaste. I don’t have one and immediately want more. Instead, I’ll take my fizzy water.

My goal is to apply this attitude to other segments of my life. I know I could be healthier. I know that I can make changes now.

I broke my foot this spring, and this week I am cleared for full physical activity for the first time since February. I’ll be using this blog to chronicle my journey as I attempt running (well, jogging for now…) and other new exercises with a goal towards personal improvement.

Join me as I drink my daily fizzy water and become a healthier version of myself.


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