Bananas: Friend or Foe

9 May

I am not a picky eater by any means. In fact, I have a rule that I abide by, and I make my boyfriend (who lives with me) abide by too: you have to take one bite of something before you can say that you don’t like it. With any good rule there lies an exception. For him, it’s onions (one of my favorite foods) and for me, it’s bananas.

Credit: Flickr user denn

Why don’t I like bananas? I harken back to my days as a tiny baby, when my mother said I disliked bananas, from the very beginning. Even when bananas were one of the few solid foods I was allowed to eat, I turned up my nose at them. If that’s not a real distaste, I don’t know what is. Growing up, I recall constantly eschewing them wherever I went, avoiding foods that included them, always saying they were my least favorite food. My mom did get me to eat them for a short spell by chopping them up and mixing them with the powder that came with jello. Who knows exactly what that turned them into, but they tasted rather candy-like. Even still, I never kept up eating them.

In reality, I think it’s the texture. I’m very texture-based in my eating, and the mushiness of the banana has always made it hard for me to chew and enjoy. I tend to like things that are crunchier – I just find them more satisfying. On the other hand, I also find crunchy foods harder to stop eating once I get on a roll (see: tortilla chips, especially), so it may be time to switch to mushy foods.

There are so many great reasons to eat bananas:

  • Lots of  vitamins B6 and C
  • One of the few reliable sources of potassium in my diet
  • Linked with reduced risk of colon cancer and breast cancer
  • Easily portable
  • Incredibly inexpensive

When I look at that list compared to tastes kinda slimy in the other column, I realize I should embrace bananas.

This morning, I went for a bowl of plain yogurt, a drizzle of honey, a whole banana chopped into slices, and some Kashi Go Lean for crunch. The verdict? Not that bad, especially with the yogurt. As long as I pair bananas with some crunch, the taste isn’t that bad.  I get a breakfast that is well rounded and should satisfy me longer into the morning, instead of being tempted to reach for a snack around 10 a.m. like I usually do.

Will I be snacking on bananas every day now? Not necessarily. But maybe bananas can be like fizzy water, making an entrance into my diet by opening up new frontiers. And saving me money at the grocery store!

Let me know of any other great ways to incorporate bananas into my diet, especially ones where the sliminess can be concealed!


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